"How should I dress?"

The most common question I get from couples and families. I'm here to break it down so you can look stylish, comfortable and confident. The last one is key. CONFIDENT. If you're not confident in the way you look, this ultimately can reflect how you perceive the way you look upon delivery of the final gallery.

Be Yourself

When you’re first thinking of “how should I dress to my photo session?”, you should always remember to be true to yourself. These photos are more than just smiles and poses. They represent who you are. So be yourself and this will make the final product even more meaningful. 

Create a Color Palate

When organizing outfits with your significant other, friend, or family member, make sure you create a color palate, instead of matching that complements each other. This could mean different hues or shades as well. In addition, neutral colors are flattering on every shape and size. They also tend to look better in photos, as they create a timeless look and feel. Try to find a way to coordinate your colors without matching completely.

Dress for Comfort

When we take photos, the weather can be all over the place so it’s important you’re wearing appropriate shoes and bringing layers in case it gets cold. I’ve learned that throwing on a jacket or sweater can be a confidence booster.

Mix & Match and Accessorize

It’s okay to mix and match prints and solids. You can play it safe or go crazy with prints! Also, don’t be afraid to accessorize. From hats to scarves and everything in between. Remember that this is your time to express yourself.

Have Fun!

Lastly, HAVE FUN. I do my best to have our sessions relaxed and ensure everyone is comfortable. I hope this helps answer any questions for our session. See you soon!