3 Reasons Why Getting Ready Photos Are A Must | JKG Photography

Your big day has just begun. I'm sure all you're thinking about is getting down the aisle, talking to your loved ones and dancing the night away. All of which are great, but 5-10 years from now, you might want to look back at this special day from the start. Here are 3 reasons why I think capturing the excitement of getting ready on your big day is a must.

  1. Highlights special details - the first thing I'll do when I arrive for the day is take detail shots. These include invitations, rings, jewelry, tie, the dress, dress shoes, cuff links and even specific items that share where you met in St. Louis or elsewhere. Anything that holds meaning or can be looked at for years to come. Also, I highly recommend getting a nice hanger for the wedding dress. Nothing too fancy but any wood hanger looks better than a plastic one.
  2. Gets you comfortable in front of the camera - This day brings a lot of emotions for people. My goal is to help make you as comfortable as possible so when it's time for your moment in front of everyone, you'll be a pro. This will get us to warm up and have you feel more confident than ever.
  3. Special moments with friends and family - This is usually the only time your parents, or friends will see you before you walk down the aisle. Capturing this moment of anticipation is one you will want to look back at. Whether it be first looks with your parent(s), your bridal party sharing sentimental moments, or reading a letter from your partner before you see them, these moments are so valuable, you will be thankful to be able to look at them and reminisce for years to come.